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What the BDPN stands for, from Ian Benjamin

Ian Benjamin, founder of the BDPN.


We're on a mission to empower Dreams, Breaking Barriers, Changing Futures! 

Picture a world where every talented black data professional can stride confidently
into their dream career, not held back by invisible barriers. That's the world we
envision at the Black Data Professional Network (BDPN). We're not here to
sugar-coat the truth – barriers do exist, often with a racial tint. But we're not dwelling
on the problem; we're crafting solutions.

Why We Stand Tall

Why did we launch the BDPN? Because we believe that black data professionals should never be held back if the time and effort has been implemented to hone and perfect their craft, collectively we're tired of hearing stories of wasted potential and overlooked brilliance. We're here to tell you not just that it’s time for a shift but we’re taking action specifically for black data professionals

Rising Beyond Rejections “Recruitment isn’t enough”
As a recruiter, I've seen black digital professionals discouraged by rejection after rejection. We're tired of candidates settling for less than they deserve. No more toxic environments, no more staying silent this feeling and intention has been energised as my two children step into the working world, I'm determined to be part of a change they'll inherit.

The Power of Allies and Sponsors
Progress isn't a solo act. We need white allies and sponsors in pivotal roles, opening doors, and challenging the status quo. I've talked to countless employers, and the truth is clear: change requires collective action from those willing to go above and beyond the norm.

Unapologetically Advocating
Since the murder of George Floyd and the BLM movement, the global awakening left me compelled to focus my attention on representing experienced, skilled black digital professionals to employers, Hiring Managers alike, these employers who claim to engage and adopt an ED&I focus, only to see many no follow through and go completely silent on me when it's time to act in ways instead of actively doing more to ensure my audience of black experienced digital talent are on their shortlists. The problem runs deep, but so does our determination.

Where Action Meets Opportunity
At the BDPN, we're not content with just talking the talk. "Recruitment is not enough" that's not just a slogan, it's our mission. We're here to help you overcome obstacles. Beyond technical skills, we focus on the "soft skills" too such as the power of communication, articulation, up-skilling mentorship, renewing self-belief, attitude, and vision.

If you're seeking a data professional for your team, remember that the BDPN has a wide network of experience skilled black data professionals seeking new data led career opportunities. We're here to connect the dots, without any recruitment fees.
Just a shared commitment to excellence.

Connect with me on LinkedIn, drop a message, or remember my name – I'm here to engage. Let's transform the landscape, reshape narratives, and build a future where every black data professional thrives. Thank you for being part of this journey.

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