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BDPN November Zoom & Learn Workshop

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Event Recording

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At the BDPN November 2023 Zoom and Learn workshop, we had four amazing speakers who brought in their vast experience and knowledge in the various topics which were covered.

The first Interactive session was with Adam Holby, Managing Director of Fair Pay Services. Adam an expert in demystifying IR35 delve deep into the following topics:

- What does IR35 mean?

- Determining Employment Status

Key Factors in Determining Status

- Small Company Exemption

- Inside and Outside IR35

- Penalties and Consequences

- Benefits of Working on a PAYE Basis

See Adam's presentation slides here.

In the next session, Rosie Harkness, Senior Manager, Talent Attraction – Data Omnicom Media Group and Dajour McKenzie-George, Data Talent Attraction Executive Omnicom Media Group delivered a masterclass on understanding the benefits of permanent and contract data roles, and brought in their industry experience within both contract and permanent data roles.

With her expertise, Rosie shed light on the dynamics of Contract vs. Permanent data roles, helping us navigate the choices in our data careers. 
Dajour McKenzie George explored the successful paths between Permanent to Contract data roles, showcasing the versatility and opportunities in the data field.


Do you struggle with imposter syndrome?

Successful people also struggle with imposter syndrome and self-doubt too.

This interactive session was delivered by Phillip Sewell, a Data and Analytics professional, successful entrepreneur and CEO of Predyktable.

Phillip has faced many struggles, rejection, racism, and even imposter syndrome and self-doubt throughout his career. During his session, Phillip Sewell addressed how he managed imposter syndrome head-on!

Phillip discussed real-life experiences and solutions to address and overcome imposter syndrome and self-doubt. He shed light on how you can accept that imposter syndrome is normal. Also, offered takeaways to help you better manage and know what might work for you, ultimately always believing in you, fine-tune the steps to be the you that you want to become in 2024!

Event Recording snippets

Belonging Beyond Imposter Syndrome

Advice on buying a house when contracting 

Dajour from Omnicom on Permanent role vs Contracting role

Phillip Sewell summarising on Confronting Impostor Syndrome

Adam Holby advice for contractors buying a house 

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