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BDPN Zoom & Learn the Data Scientists Session

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Event Recording

At the BDPN Zoom and Learn the Data Scientist session on September 12th, 2023, attendees benefited from industry expert Fiifi Arthur, Data Science Leader at Direct Line Group.


Fiifi has managed to climb the ranks at such a young age by delivering excellence at each stage of his career to date. Fiifi is a data science leader with experience in building, leading, and growing data science and engineering teams. His people-centric, culture-driven, results-oriented leadership style has allowed him to deliver results in various sectors and industries.


Fiifi has over 10 years of experience in data science and analytics, working in consulting (government, fashion, media, banking, finance, and credit), insurance, and financial services (banking, fintech, and trading).


Unlike the previous Zoom & Learn event, this session was more interactive, as attendees were able to speak directly to Fiifi and ask him questions during each topic. The following topics were discussed:


1) Transitioning into Data Science

2) Overcoming challenges on the way to the top

3) Moving from individual contributors to management

4) Measuring your success as a data scientist

5) Your top tips for entering and progressing as a data scientist

Event Recording snippets

Fiifi Arthur - Have you got what it takes to lead your team?

Intro to Networking - Dominic Dorant

The role of Data Scientist at Direct Line Group - Fiifi Arthur.

What industries have you seen people transition from into Data Science - Fiifi Arthur

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